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Cascade completed its first pool in New Zealand on 27th October 1971, after our founder Larry Ogden returned home on holiday after six years working with Cascade Incorporated in the UK, Europe and USA.

An advert in the Herald offering a home swimming pool for $1,495 resulted in 80 pools sold that summer – so he and associate Rob Smith stayed to build them – and Larry never went back!

Cascade founder Larry Ogden – Diploma Pool Technology & Builders License #108/2021 is a Founder Member of the New Zealand Master Pool Builders Incorporated.

Today Larry and his two sons Julian and Myles run the Auckland pool company with Cascade Dealerships throughout New Zealand.

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The Cascade Pool Difference

 Pool-industry professional builders like Cascade prefer custom designed in-ground swimming pool projects. This way of building customised designs benefit the customer’s artistic sense to provide exactly what they want in shape, size and depth. Something you can’t achieve with pre-moulded pool designs.

After more than 45 years, Cascade has found that the longest-lasting pool interior is a substantial Aqualux liner from ABGAL Australia. Our pools are fitted with a superior Aquagenie Surface Skimmer, installed straight & level, and include a 250mm row of coping tiles to meet up with your with decking or concrete surrounds. Impressive colour-range of electronically-bonded ABGAL interiors are calculated by computer software to fit your pool like a glove and provide many decades of service.

Top quality Pool Equipment used in our 21st Century swimming pool designs reduce or eliminate pool chemicals by incorporating our amazing Aquagenie TM Surface Skimmer combined with nature’s own OZONE or ultra-violet water treatment and Electrostatic Glass filtration media to keep our pools cleaner. Additional automatic pool cleaners become a thing of the past. Little or no chlorine-based sanitisers or electrolysis of Salts of Sodium or Magnesium are required, lessening filtration times and other pool chemicals, meaning cleaner water. Our SolarTrap solar covers absorb infrared rays, adding free water heating, so that additional heating device use is not required as often.


Up to 95% Chemical Free Swimming Pools

The incredible Aquagenie skimmer system combined with OZONE water sterilisation with OZONE ASSIST algaecide and 90mm INFILLFOAM refrigeration grade insulation in the pool walls ensures that New Zealand’s predominant FREE Heat Source (the Sun) gives you a FREE SOLAR POWER boost to your pool heating.

Old fashioned pool care, using proprietary chemicals, including chlorine, hydrochloric acid, algae killing chemicals like HTH to shock dose, are not needed with your OZONE equipped CASCADE swimming pool. We can illustrate how easy it is to use OZONE ASSIST algaecide and many tips from the Cascade pros on pool service, Sanitizer use, Shock Treatment, Skimmers, Stabilizer, Super Chlorination, and every other aspect of a happy and clean swimming pool.

Call 0800 227 223 (0800 CASCADE) for your copy of this valuable reference guide “The New Zealand Pool Buyer’s Guide” and watch our online video promo.

Open-air home swimming pools should be properly maintained, as they are open to air-born contaminants, and so health and safety is paramount! Precautions must be taken to exclude cryptosporidium, pseudomonas, aeroginosa, e-coli and other nasties in pools that will be used by your children for swimming or bathing. Cascade’s Sterile Systems take care of this for you!


Pool Design Options

Given the number of pool companies in New Zealand these days – both long established – as is Cascade – or just recently established sales companies selling imported shells from overseas, all combine to make your choice for a swimming pool builder quite a challenge.

Don’t be confused by the options. For swimming pools in Auckland and throughout New Zealand  send us an email, phone us today on 0800 227 223 (0800 CASCADE) or download our free Pool Buyer’s Manual and Brochure.

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Choose Cascade because we’ve been here since 1971, and KNOW it’s the lowest-maintenance and longest-lasting pool available! You’ll see how easy it is to “relax around” not “work on” your home swimming pool – if you choose CASCADE!