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You can design your own pool:
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Solar Insulation – Lifetime Guarantees

Choose from the Ultimate Standard or the
Ultimate Premium Range (top of the range pool).

Ultimate Standard Range

Swimming Pool Auckland
This swimming pool includes the following:

Skimmer and chlorine feeder
Quality pump & filter
Aqualux Pacific Blue interior
Standard 200 x 200 x 40 pool copings
Internal corner Seating area and pool access
Pool Tools: Telescopic Vac Pole, Brush, Hose etc.
Aquacheck ‘fast water test’ pool Dip Strips
Start-up Chemical & water Balance Pack
Owner’s ‘Pool Care’ Manual & on-line DVD training
Free Pool Owner’s Discount Club Membership
25 year Structural guarantee

Ultimate Premium Range

Pools Auckland
The premium specification is the ideal “free heat” home pool for your family.

Main Benefits

  • Up to 95% Chemical Free
  • Most effective sanitisation
  • Lowest maintenance
  • Longest guarantees

Features and equipment includes:

Solar Heat retention insulation
AquaGenie ‘The World’s Best’ pool Surface Skimmer
INFILLFOAM ‘Refrigeration Grade’ insulated walls
Top Quality ‘Slatecrete’ 250 x 250 x 40 pool copings
Economical ‘Super-Quiet’ pool pump
Premium Water Filtration system
Electrostatic GLASS BEAD filter media
Colour-changing LED pool lighting
Prozone or Trident UV water sterile system
Aqualux 770 TM – a great interior colour range
Quality pool Management system for timing filtration
Owner’s ‘Pool Care’ Manual & on-line DVD training
Comprehensive ‘Pool Tools & Test Kit’
SSolar Heat Retention Bubble cover
50 Year Structural Lifetime Gurantee
25 Year Interior Lifetime Gurantee

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Are There Hidden Costs? Yes!

Pools Auckland

Like buying a new car that’s advertised as “plus On-Road Costs” there’s more than just the pool. We prefer to be upfront with you about all swimming pools prices. Your ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ – TCO – will be determined by other costs such as these shown below. Regardless of which pool company you choose there will be varying factors. Please be prepared for potential additional costs.

The works required will include:

  1. Engineering Plans, Drawing site plans and dealing with Council over Building Approvals.
  2. Building Approvals – some Councils require a refundable Compliance Bond
  3. Excavation of pool (Uncovering rock, extraordinary strata or even access difficulties will cost more).
  4. Bobcat/Mustang moving soil from poolside to roadside trucks, drainage material up to pool site.
  5. Truck costs for removal of soil to nearest tip site, tip fees, and bringing drainage material.
  6. Electrical connection of pool filtration, pool & outdoor lights and other electrical equipment.
  7. Compliant Pool Fencing ‘Fencing of Swimming Pools Act 1987’
  8. 1.5m High-up locks on doors and ‘100mm restrictors’ on windows that lead into the ‘pool area.
  9. ‘Poured & Cut Coloured Concrete’ is popular and reasonably priced, or wood decking.
  10. Town Supply water to fill the pool or tanker-truck fill-ups that will cost more.
  11. Pool options such as Solar heating or a Heat Pump or automatic santisation systems.

Check your local newspaper for tradesmen if you require a builder or fencing contractor. Many of pool fences can be done by a competent ‘do-it-yourselfer’. Many people have ‘mates’ who can assist with fencing and laying concrete surrounds.

obligation free quotation

Cascade will visit your site and write you a firm Quotation for the swimming pool, plus an Estimate of the other costs you are likely to encounter, resulting in us leaving you with a realistic TCO estimate for your swimming pool project.

Your local Council will require a Site Plan showing the pool location in relation to boundaries, and must be able to locate your Boundary Pegs.

The site plan must show the location of the pool in respect of site boundaries, construction details of the compliant Pool Fence, site contours, site coverage and impermeable/permeable surface area, and must have the engineering details (design and structural calculations) describing the pool structure.

There may also be a requirement for a Resource Consent, especially if you reside in a Marine Zone.

If you are looking for a swimming pool constructed to your personal shape, size and depth by Certified Pool Builders in Northland, Rodney District, Auckland Super City, Hamilton, Waikato, Tauranga, Kapiti Coast, Wellington, Nelson/Marlborough, Asburton, Queenstown or Christchurch, we have a Authorised Cascade Agent or franchisees in your area.

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